Arizona: Day 2

The day started with a walk-and-talk with Robin. Robin and I have been friends for years, ever since the penultimate Authors’ Venue writers’ conference in Mesa, Arizona back in 2002. (We joke that we killed the conference…and it might be true.)

Since Robin lives in the desert (have I mentioned how friggin’ HOT it is out here?), we rarely see each other, though we keep in constant contact via a truly dizzying array of emails and phone calls and the occasional spontaneous bout of telepathy. So these chances to see each other are treasured, and we spent a good part of the morning catching up over a long walk (even that early in the morning, it’s STILL HOT!), then breakfast and — of course — Robin’s necessary Starbucks run. (I went to Jamba Juice, right next door.)

Then we decided to ego-scan some bookstores, so went out into the wild. The local Borders had Robin’s book prominently displayed at the very front of the store:

Robin's book on the Noteworthy table at Borders!

In case you can’t make it out, that sign says “Noteworthy Hardcovers.” It’s basically the first thing you see when you walk into the store — bang! There’s Robin’s book. Awesome.

Then we went to Barnes & Noble, where I signed stock of Boy Toy and The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl. Then we went off in search of a Staples or OfficeMax or similar store so that Robin could by some signing pens, but even though we drove around Mesa/Tempe/Phoenix for an hour, we couldn’t find one!

Meanwhile, my trusty iBook had suddenly stopped charging from the power adapter. I was afraid that the power manager was blitzed, which would be a pain to get fixed. But no — a trip to the Chandler Apple Store revealed that the problem was a busted prong on the adapter itself. The guys at the Apple Store gave me a new one, gratis, and I was up and running again.

Then came the Big Deal, the reason I was out in the heat to begin with: Robin’s launch party at Changing Hands. It was a blast — I got to meet some of Robin’s friends and family, including her step-daughter, who had just finished reading Boy Toy. (I feel bad for warping someone just out of college…) Robin gave a funny speech, revealed some embarrassing moments from her past (egged on by her mother in the crowd), and signed roughly ten billion copies of her book for the excited gathering.

Here; pictures:

And now I’m heading back east, where it will be humid and gross…but at least it won’t be 115º. I mean, come on — that’s just unnecessary.

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