Arizona: Day 1

I realize that it’s redundant to say that it’s hot in Arizona in August and, further, that it’s pathetic to complain about it.


It’s friggin’ hot here, people.

Yesterday, I drove to my first stop here — Sun Valley Charter High School. It wasn’t yet ten in the morning and yet the temperature was already 100º.

That’s just ridiculous.

So, at Sun Valley I spoke to a group of about sixty tenth and eleventh graders. The assistant principal was generous enough to buyt forty-five copies of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, which I signed for the school. Brandi from Changing Hands (a truly phenomenal bookstore here in the Phoenix area) was on hand to handle the books. English teacher Michelle Mushkin put on a great spread, with cookies, fruit, crackers, etc. It was a festive event for the kids…and for me!

Then I hied myself to Excalibur Charter School. This was the first time in my life I’d ever seen a school in a shopping center! Check it out:

I spent an hour there, talking to the kids, answering questions. Brandi was once again on hand and I signed plenty of books. Here are some more pics…











After Excalibur, I headed back to the hotel to cool off. Then I got to see my best writing bud in the world: Robin Brande! Robin’s book —Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature — launches on Tuesday and I was in town for the launch party (at Changing Hands). Robin and I met up with Faith from Changing Hands for dinner:


After dinner (long day, right?), we all went to Changing Hands, where Robin and I sat on a panel about writing and publishing children’s literature. Joining us were Chris Gall and Janette Rollison, with Faith moderating. It was a terrific panel — lots of good questions and lots of fun answers. Here’s Robin and me with Michelle and Daanon…

And here’s me with Shannon Bailey, an eighth grade teacher at a local school:

OK, it was a long day. We left Changing Hands at close to ten at night…and it was still hot as hell outside! “Come on!” I screamed to the sky. “I get it! It’s hot here! You’ve made your point.”

Then off to bed and on Tuesday… Robin’s party!


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