The Ultimate Bookstore Tour

Well, now, this is an interesting story, isn’t it?

Just in case you’re too lazy to click and read the GalleyCat story (and shame on you for that!), here’s the scoop: This guy is going to set out in April 2008 and drive across the country (and fly to Hawaii and Alaska) to visit 200 independent bookstores, hitting every single state in the Union. Why? Well, to show the importance of independent bookstores in this day and age.

Looks like an amazing tour, though I think he’s going to be more than a little bit, uh, insane by the time he hits, say, his twentieth state. I mean, this is a lot of work!

I know some writers have hit more stores, but they included chains — heck, I’ve been to towns where you can visit a B&N, then walk to the other end of the mall and hit a Borders, then drive over to McDonald’s, drive to the other side of town and hit two more chains.

So this tour may not have the huge numbers folks have racked up in the past, but I think he’ll make up for it with sheer originality and fun. Independent bookstores tend to take on the character and flavor of their owners — I’m sure Larry will have plenty of great stories and great photos.

Let’s keep an eye on this next year, shall we? Should be fun.

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