Bendis Speaks on Fanboy!

A lot of people have assumed that I must be friends with Bendis or that I cleared his appearance in Fanboy with him before writing or publishing the book.

Uh, no.

I’ve actually never met the guy. I just went ahead and used him and then crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be OK.

(I was very amused by one review, which slammed the book for — among other things — using my “friend” Bendis! Just goes to show, reviewers — don’t assume!)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Mike San Giacomo — a reporter for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer as well as for — interviewed me about the book. Mike has known Bendis for years and he assumed I did, too. When he discovered this was not the case, he decided to call Bendis and get his take on the book.

The result forms one half of a two-part article about me and about the book recently posted on Newsarama. The second half of the article is about the movie option and Boy Toy.


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