ALA: Day 4/5

I think I’ve discovered a whole new level of exhaustion.

Yesterday was terrific. I had a signing where Houghton gave away advance copies of Boy Toy. It was great to meet people who had read and enjoyed Fanboy, as well as people who were just checking out Boy Toy. My favorite moment was the mom who had me sign a copy of Fanboy to “a dumb teenage daughter.” Apparently this is how her daughter wanted it signed, so I went ahead and signed it “from a dumb adult writer.”

As always happens at these things, I met many, many cool people, far too many to list here. Suffice it to say, if you met me at my ALA signing, I thought you were cool.

I bumped into Carolyn Mackler at the show and she arranged a breakfast this morning, about which more in a moment.

Last night, I stayed out late with some folks from Houghton, so I didn’t get to sleep until around two. (This is becoming a trend for me this week…) I got about four hours of sleep before waking to go to breakfast with…

  • Carolyn and her husband Jonas
  • Gigi Amateau
  • John Green
  • MT Anderson
  • and Judy Blume!

Yes, I was tired beyond belief, but how could I pass up this opportunity? And no, I won’t tell you what everyone ate. But it was a great time, a nice low-key diversion from the hectic, insane pace of the rest of the show.

So now I’m back in the hotel room, resting up a bit to make up for the rest I didn’t get last night, and then I’ll be off to a reading and a signing. I have a dinner and the Printz Awards tonight, so I probably won’t blog again until tomorrow. See y’all then.

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