Bendis Speaks on Fanboy!

A lot of people have assumed that I must be friends with Bendis or that I cleared his appearance in Fanboy with him before writing or publishing the book.

Uh, no.

I’ve actually never met the guy. I just went ahead and used him and then crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be OK.

(I was very amused by one review, which slammed the book for — among other things — using my “friend” Bendis! Just goes to show, reviewers — don’t assume!)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Mike San Giacomo — a reporter for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer as well as for — interviewed me about the book. Mike has known Bendis for years and he assumed I did, too. When he discovered this was not the case, he decided to call Bendis and get his take on the book.

The result forms one half of a two-part article about me and about the book recently posted on Newsarama. The second half of the article is about the movie option and Boy Toy.


Mac vs. PC


ALA: Done

God, I’m tired.

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been complaining about that every since I got here. I can’t help it. The twin overriding, paradoxical feelings I’ve had since Thursday evening have been: Lord, I’m beat AND I don’t want to sleep — I’ll miss something.

So now I’m headed home to catch up on all that sleep.

What a magnificent time. What a terrific, fun show. Yesterday afternoon, I read on the Authors’ Stage, which I enjoyed. In the Q&A session, I was asked about the origins of Boy Toy as well as about my third book. (“Already?” I asked in return. “The second one’s not even out yet!”)

My subsequent signing (second one of the show, for those of you keeping count) was great. We actually ran out of copies of Boy Toy, which is one of those good news/bad news scenarios, of course.

Dinner followed, with Houghton folks Joe Monti, Margaret Raymo, and David Thomas, as well as fellow author Catherine Murdock. The Printz Awards came after that, with Catherine begging off. (I teased her gently about her weak constitution, but God knows a part of me wanted nothing more than to go back to the hotel and sleep!)

Still, I’m glad I rallied. The Printz ceremony — much shorter and less formal than the Caldecott/Newbery/Wilder ceremony of the previous night — was a joy. Terrific, erudite, funny, and challenging speeches by the winners. I imagine audio will be online at some point — you owe it to yourself to listen. (Hopefully, there will be video as well, lest you lose half of Gene Yang’s presentation.)

After the ceremony… You guessed it. A reception. More hanging out with new friends. Back to John Green’s hotel to continue the celebration into the wee hours. And perhaps the perfect ending to the evening AND the show — a leisurely cab ride back to my hotel with Houghton Sales God Joe Monti and none other than Markus Zusak.

This has been week like none other in my life. And now I’m going to get caught up on some lost sleep…and get back to work.

ALA: Day 4/5

I think I’ve discovered a whole new level of exhaustion.

Yesterday was terrific. I had a signing where Houghton gave away advance copies of Boy Toy. It was great to meet people who had read and enjoyed Fanboy, as well as people who were just checking out Boy Toy. My favorite moment was the mom who had me sign a copy of Fanboy to “a dumb teenage daughter.” Apparently this is how her daughter wanted it signed, so I went ahead and signed it “from a dumb adult writer.”

As always happens at these things, I met many, many cool people, far too many to list here. Suffice it to say, if you met me at my ALA signing, I thought you were cool.

I bumped into Carolyn Mackler at the show and she arranged a breakfast this morning, about which more in a moment.

Last night, I stayed out late with some folks from Houghton, so I didn’t get to sleep until around two. (This is becoming a trend for me this week…) I got about four hours of sleep before waking to go to breakfast with…

  • Carolyn and her husband Jonas
  • Gigi Amateau
  • John Green
  • MT Anderson
  • and Judy Blume!

Yes, I was tired beyond belief, but how could I pass up this opportunity? And no, I won’t tell you what everyone ate. But it was a great time, a nice low-key diversion from the hectic, insane pace of the rest of the show.

So now I’m back in the hotel room, resting up a bit to make up for the rest I didn’t get last night, and then I’ll be off to a reading and a signing. I have a dinner and the Printz Awards tonight, so I probably won’t blog again until tomorrow. See y’all then.

ALA: Day 3

Saturday was supposed to be my day off, the day where I did nothing and just hung out.

I decided to go spend some time on the show floor while waiting for a call from my friend Pete. We were going to seeFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Well, Pete and I kept playing phone tag, so I spent the day wandering the exhibit hall. I saw some old friends from the comic book industry in the graphic novel pavillion, but I mainly stuck around the Houghton Mifflin booth, talking to some fellow Houghton authors, the great folks who run the Houghton booth, my editor, and Houghton’s publisher. In addition to seeing plenty of folks I know, I also had the pleasure of meeting Markus Zusak.

I had the very welcome and yet very new experience of random people noticing my name badge and stopping me to tell me that they either loved Fanboy or were looking forward to Boy Toy or both. Not a situation I am used to at all!

Eventually Pete and I connected and saw the movie, which was a lot of goofy, comic booky fun, in the best sense of the term. It felt very much like a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comic from the sixties, which is appropriate.  Not great Art by any stretch, but a terrific way to spend ninety minutes.

After that, it was off to a hotel bar to hang out with YA writers, editors, agents, etc. The roster of who attended would read like a who’s who of established and up-and-coming pros. I ended up staying there until two in the morning, laughing and telling stories with Holly Black, Holly’s husband Theo (quite possibly the sickest D&D DM I’ve ever met–in a good way), Houghton Sales God Joe Monti, and the Librarian Formerly (and Still) Known as Molly (or, “a young woman whom I hold in high regard”). Didn’t get to sleep until around three, which is why I’m blogging about Day 3 on Day 4.

Today, I have a signing, then a dinner, then more drinks at the bar. Seems like we drink a lot, doesn’t it, but it’s really just a chance to catch up with friends and make new ones.

More tonight…or most likely, tomorrow!