Superman vs. Batman

OK, I just need to get this off my chest…

Ever since Dark Knight Returns and the various über-comptetent Batgod depictions of Batman since then, the common claim by Batman fans has been, “If Batman has time to prepare, he can beat anyone.”

Fans use this to justify Batman’s baddest of the bad ass status in the DC Universe.

But people…


Repeat after me: When your opponent moves at nearly the speed of light, no amount of preparation will help you! Maybe you just don’t realize how fast light is. But by the time Batman even realizes he’s in a fight, it’s over.

Just accept it.

(Oh, and as to Dark Knight and the battle therein? Batman was in a souped-up suit of armor running off the electrical power of the entire Gotham City power grid. There’s even a panel where you can see it plugged in. So all Superman had to do was unplug the flippin’ suit! He knew that. As the wink at the end of the series proves,he let Batman win.)

Batman is very cool, no doubt. But can we accept that his coolness comes from his humanity, and, therefore, his vulnerability? If he’s Batgod, he loses all of that.

That is all.

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