Lost: Penultimate

This show is like a frickin’ Zen paradox: “How can a TV show be both shocking and yet also utterly predictable…often in the same instants?”

Because you know what? The instant Liam gave Charlie the Ring of Magic DS-itude, I knew (even before Liam telegraphed it) that Charlie would give it to Aaron. But I didn’t predict the reveal of Charlie leaving it in the baby’s crib (and Claire leaving it behind — oops!).

And as soon as Juliet said that Ben claimed The Looking Glass was flooded, I knew that it wasn’t and that Charlie would find air there. And of course there would be people there, though I admit I was expecting Locke and Boone and a bunch of other allegedly dead folk, not More Generic Others with Guns.

The Others stepping up their schedule and attacking early? Duh. Predictable. Karl risking life and limb to alert the castaways? Not predictable.

See what I mean?

Even Jack suffers from this dichotomy — he’s acting more like cool season one Jack, but he’s still an asshat in my book for his behavior earlier in the season. Next week’s Jack-centric finale better damn well explain why he’s been such a dick recently. I still think Sayid should have kicked him in the nads.

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