Heroes: T-Minus 3 and Counting

Still not entirely convinced that the writers can pull off a satisfying ending with only two episodes left, but I am incredibly willing to be proven wrong. In fact, I’m in favor of being proven wrong in this instance. I am damn near eager to be proven wrong, and when it happens, I will eat my serving of crow and happily wash it down with the milk of truth. Or something like that.

Mohinder’s curing of little Molly was a little too convenient and quick — if it was only going to take a few minutes in a single episode, why bother having her be sick in the first place? Why not just have her have trouble finding Sylar for some reason (maybe his multiple powers confuse her tracking sense) and let it go at that?

Most shows hurtling headlong towards a finale wouldn’t slow down for a character-based episode like this one. Claire’s concern; Sylar’s trip to see Mom (shades of Norman Bates!), Hiro’s soul-searching… This is the sort of stuff you expect to see earlier, not near the climax, but it still worked.

And while Hiro’s reticence to kill Sylar seemed — at first — to be mere convenient stalling on the part of the writers, I did enjoy his debate with Ando, especially when Ando pointed out that killing Sylar was really saving Ando’s life. Pre-emptive self-defense. Not bad, karmically speaking.

The tidbit about Candice’s power was interesting. She’s not a chameleon after all. Instead, she warps perceptions.

Claire’s reunion with her dad was touching…as touching as her line about not wanting to shoot Peter (“It can’t be my destiny to shoot you. The universe isn’t that lame.”) was funny, almost Buffy-worthy.

Two more episodes to go. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s all going to pay off. Don’t let me down, Heroes.

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