Heroes: Penultimate

I don’t even know what to say. This show just continues to knock my socks off, even without massive, expensive set pieces (of the sort I suspect we’ll see next week).

HRG once again proves why he’s the most ass-kickingest human being on the face of the planet, despite his lack of super-powers. (Unless you count Awesome Coolness as a super-power.) Linderman and Ted getting iced — TOTALLY didn’t see that coming, and in both cases, I winced. Linderman in particular died BAD. As he should have.

Even a formerly irredeemable character like Candace gets a shot at being a little bit human in this episode, with her confession that she’s “huge” underneath her illusions. Most show’s wouldn’t bother to take the time to invest an evil henchwoman with a little bit of humanity like that, but Heroes did and that’s why this show shines.

But, uh, Daddy Hiro and Hero Hiro taking ALL THAT TIME to practice swordplay while the world could blow up at any moment? Um, maybe not. I’m just going to wave my hands and pretend that Hiro slowed time so that their interminable workout session only took about five minutes of real time. No, no, don’t argue with me — waving my hands, see?

Next week: The end. Has this show REALLY only been on for one season? It feels like it’s ALWAYS been on…

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