Heroes: Noah

Well, Heroes ends as it began — with an eclipse. Hiro’s lost in time and Peter’s blown up.

But Peter could easily come back in season two since he’s got Claire’s regenerating power. And if Nathan dropped his brother and zipped away at top speed, it’s possible he’s still alive, too. But I’m willing to wait for next season to find out.

In truth, this episode was a little bit anticlimatic, but I think that was almost inevitable, given how much has happened throughout the season. The resolutions were all sastisfying, if a bit…sedate.

Unlike some shows, Heroes actually gave us a complete story in one season, while still leaving us wanting more next season. And hey — we learned HRG’s first name! He doesn’t really look like a Noah, but the name is somehow fitting.

See you next season, Heroes. I’ll be waiting.

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