Lost: Mr. Des’s Wild Ride

My big complaint? It’s been two weeks since Jack et al left the Others’ camp and still no explanation as to why the Losties haven’t moved en masse to Suburbia Behind the Fence. Come on, people. I would take a throwaway line if you’d just, uh, throw it my way.

This is such a massive, absurd plot hole that even Evangeline Lilly in her undergarments couldn’t make me forget it. Even Ms. Lilly later crawling atop Sawyer, providing a gratuitous (but much-appreciated) look down her top couldn’t distract me from the utter idiocy of not moving to Otherville.

One line, Lost folks! Good Lord, just have someone mention that there’s some dissension in the ranks and discussion about moving going on. That’s all. It’s not difficult.


And would Jin really go running off for a camping trip of all things?

And how in the world could Desmond think that letting Charlie take an arrow to the throat would make Penny somehow survive the helicopter drop? There’s absolutely no causal connection between the two. In fact, sacrificing Charlie would most likely have slowed Des and the boys down and made it impossible for them to get to Penny in time.

In some ways, though, I can forgive this episode a lot. Because Des’s backstory was just so much fun, even though I think his rationale for calling everyone “brother” was a little overdone. But how can you not love Des guzzling the monastery’s wine? How can you not love the thought of the love-obsessed Scotsman in a monastery somewhere? And wasn’t his meeting with Penny sweet?

Oh, and surely I’m not the only person who noticed the photograph on the abbot’s desk? Veeeery interesting!

The backstory and the little details of the episode have me convinced that the producers have a decent wrap-up coming our way in a few weeks. But the particulars of everyday life on the beach are still nagging me. Hopefully next week will bring some progress on that score.

Don’t hold your breath, though. Just in case the answers are a long time coming.

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