Kirkus Likes Me, I Think

It’s that time of year, when publications do their usual and publish their “Best of” lists.

Earlier in the year, Kirkus gave me a terrific, starred review for Boy Toy. Now, as the year winds down, they’ve listed the book as one of the Best Young Adult Books of 2007.

“This moving and thought-provoking novel…is highly graphic in its depictions of sex. But its essence and message are just as trenchantly intelligent and nuanced…. Is this explicit recreation of sexual abuse appropriate for 16- or 17-year-old readers? Yes.”


“Lyga has created a force of nature in this character, one through whom a discerning YA audience can see more of life beneath the surface.”


The Two Tribunes

The holiday weekend was good to my books, thanks to two Tribunes. Check it out:

First up, The Tribune of Northern Colorado named The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl one of two books it recommends as a holiday gift for kids aged 14-15. Very cool! (The other book? None other than Catherine Murdock’s The Off Season…which shares an editor with mine!)

And then, another Tribune — the Chicago Tribune, no less! — reviewed Boy Toy as part of an article on books for teen readers. You can read the complete review here, but my favorite part is the word “astounding.” 🙂

Very Funny

Heh. My brother passed this along to me. It features a college pal of his and it’s a very funny, biting parody of the Mac vs. PC ads (which, BTW, feature a college pal of mine) and of the Hollywood movie-making system.

Check it out.

USA Today on Boy Toy

I’ve always loved Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy blog, so I was thrilled last year when she reviewed The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl for USA Today. (I was even more thrilled that she loved it!)

Well, another year, another book, another review! Whitney talks about Boy Toy in today’s paper, saying, in part, “Lyga doesn’t condescend; he writes about sex and relationships with simplicity and honesty.”

Read the entire review in today’s paper or on

Heidi’s Pick Six

Author Heidi Ruby Miller has a regular feature on her blog called “Heidi’s Pick Six,” wherein she fires a whole mess of questions at authors and has them pick six to answer. Yours truly did so recently and you can see the results here.